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I wanted to offer the book from my own collection on loan through our Kwartelstraat app (which was specially set up for the corona virus). But when I realized that there are a lot of families with young children living in the street with me, it seemed to me that it was taking too long for the latter to borrow it. Ah, I thought. If I just read it and then make a video of it ... then it is available to everyone at the same time.

No sooner said than done. And then the universe gave me a hand. I am quite a nitwit when it comes to computers. That recording with the camera is still possible, but editing the prints in the video? No idea how to do that. Fortunately, the neighbor passed by at that moment. We got talking and he said that his daughter Jett is studying at the journalism school. According to him, she was bored. Because of the corona virus, she now had no work in the media sector. He would ask her if she would like to edit my videos.

One thing led to another. Jett knew Talma, who is a graphic designer. She wanted to design a logo for the Boekenhoek. I thought it would be nice if videos started with an easy and recognizable melody, so that you know that you are watching a video from De Boekenhoek. I wrote the text and Bloem, my daughter, arranged a melody under it on her piano. At first I had sung the lyrics myself, but that didn't really make me happy. Fortunately, my friend Esther helped me out. My children created a Facebook and Instagram account for me and the YouTube channel of De Boekenhoek.

After Jett edited the first three videos, her job, which had been postponed because of the corona measures, turned out to continue. Oh dear, now I had to learn to assemble myself. But again help came from an unexpected source. Jop, a friend of my daughter who wants to go to the film academy and can assemble fantastic, offered his help. He had already watched two videos and got a nostalgic feeling. A godsend for me. And as icing on the cake, Franziska offered to build this website for De Boekenhoek. And she did a great job.

I would like to thank all those who work unpaid on this project from the bottom of my heart. You make me and all the children and adults who visit De Boekenhoek so happy. I think it's wonderful that people want to help each other today. I have already seen many beautiful initiatives. And certainly think this is one of them.


Thank you all so much.

Love from Herke and Emma


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